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30 min  |  Suspense, Romance  |  2019 (USA)

Co-Producer, Director, Screenwriter 

(In Post Production)


When a young woman claims to have teleported from the past, her primary doctor begins to believe her story and takes the investigation into his own hands, unfurling the truth behind an uncanny story.



In early 90s Los Angeles, a young woman named Isabel claims to have teleported from the past. Authorities remain skeptical of her narrative and later whisk her off to a mental asylum where she confronts her primary doctor, Dr. Phares. While Phares's preliminary diagnosis matches up with the police's speculation, he soon becomes convinced that the enigmatic "Isabel" might have been telling the truth throughout her time in the asylum. As Phares stumbles upon a clue from a mysterious letter along with Isabel's other belongings, a shocking discovery about Isabel's disappearance spurs him to take the case into his own hands.  

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